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Pilot ratings in msfs

Joe Ash

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I’m considering doing my pilot ratings past  the new member orientation. My issue is that I just fly msfs and don’t have the money to invest in a new sim. Anyone know if the planes are good enough to do pilot ratings 

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I would go with the regular steam gauge one. The P1 revolves a lot around cross-country navigation using VOR's, with the G1000 it's way too easy to "cheat". 😉 Have to crawl before you can walk!

Mats Edvin Aarø
Assistant to the Vice President - Supervisors
VATSIM General Manager: Member Engagement
[email protected]

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Here are the requirements for the airplane to be used for the P1:

Aircraft allowed to be used for this pilot rating must be:
● Fixed wing
● Non-Complex (No retractable gear or controllable pitch propellers)
● Single engine and Piston driven
● Max Gross weight less than 5670kg (12,500lbs)

Beyond that it is up to use to select the aircraft and model that you are comfortable with. At VATSTAR we do not allow the use of GPS as the primary means of navigation so like Mats, I would also recommend the steam gauges however the material that we use teaches both so it is really up to you to decide. Just remember that there will not be a "magenta line" for you to follow on your cross-country flight!

Tomas Hansson

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