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New to vATIS: Invalid Callsign Format. Please Try Again.

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Liam, ZDC has a facility file for KRDU.  Yet I don't see you on the Controller Roster for ZDC.  Why are you trying to run vATIS there?

EDIT: Liam, I see that you have no connection history to the network thus far.  I think you may be confused about what vATIS does.  It is used by a VATSIM Air Traffic Controller who is providing ATC to an airport to CREATE an ATIS transmission there.  You need to join ZDC as a controller-in-training if you want to do that.  As a pilot, your Pilot Client (vPilot, xPilot, swift, etcetera) is used to RETRIEVE an ATIS for a certain airport -- IF a VATSIM controller is presently running one there.  Hope that clears things up.

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