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VMR File Error

Mike Brodersen

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I`m getting a error trying to load a custom rule set in P3d V5

There is a error in XML document (24, 1)

I`ve been using custom VMR files for while and this is the first time this error has popped up. 

I`ve looked over the VMR file and can`t seem to find what the problem is.

Mike Brodersen

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Here`s my VMR file...

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A319" ModelName="FLAi_A319_ZZZZ" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A19N" ModelName="FLAi_FAIB_A19N_ZZZZ" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A320" ModelName="FLAi_A320_ZZZZ" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A20N" ModelName="FLAi_FAIB_A20N_ZZZZ" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A321" ModelName="FLAi_A321_ZZZZ" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A21N" ModelName="FLAi_FAIB_A21N_ZZZZ" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A21N" ModelName="FLAi_FAIB_A21N_ZZZZ" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A332" ModelName="FSPXAI A330-200 House" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A333" ModelName="FSPXAI Airbus A330-300 RR Air Europa" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A338" ModelName="FSPXAI A330-800" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A339" ModelName="FSPXAI A330-900 F-WTTE" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A342" ModelName="FSPXAI A340-211 F-WWBA" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A343" ModelName="FSPXAI A340-300 F-WWAI" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A345" ModelName="FSPXAI A340-500 F-WWTE" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A346" ModelName="FSPXAI A340-600 F-WWCA" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A35X" ModelName="FSPXAI Airbus A350-1000 F-WWXL (071)" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A350" ModelName="FSPXAI Airbus A350-900 F-WXWB (001)//FSPXAI Airbus A350-900 F-WWCF (002)" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A35K" ModelName="FSPXAI Airbus A350-1000 F-WWXL (071)" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A359" ModelName="FSPXAI Airbus A350-900 F-WXWB (001)//FSPXAI Airbus A350-900 F-WWCF (002)" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B722" ModelName="FLAi_AIA_B722_Braniff International Airways 727-200 (Flying Colors Red 1979)//FLAi_AIA_B722_Braniff International Airways 727-200 (Flying Colors Green 1979)" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B733" ModelName="FLAi_FAIB_B733_House"
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B737" ModelName="FLAi_FAIB_B737_BER-Air Berlin" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B738" ModelName="FLAi_FAIB_B738_BER-Air Berlin" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B739" ModelName="FLAi_FAIB_B739_LNI-Lion Air" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B37M" ModelName="FSPXAI B737MAX7 N7201S" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B38M" ModelName="FSPXAI B737MAX8 N8703J" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B39M" ModelName="FSPXAI B737MAX9 N7379E" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B741" ModelName="FLAi_B741_X" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B742" ModelName="FLAi_B741_X" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B743" ModelName="FLAi_B741_X" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B744" ModelName="FLAi_B744_X" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B748" ModelName="FLAi_B748_X" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B752" ModelName="FLAi_B752_X" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B753" ModelName="FLAi_B753_X" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B762" ModelName="FLAi_FAIB_B762_X" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B763" ModelName="FLAi_B763_X" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B764" ModelName="FLAi_B764_X" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B772" ModelName="FSPXAI B777-200(PW)" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B777" ModelName="FSPXAI B777-200(PW)" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B77L" ModelName="FSPXAI B777-200LR" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B77F" ModelName="FSPXAI B777-200LR" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B773" ModelName="FSPXAI B777-300(PW)" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B77W" ModelName="FSPXAI B777-300ER World Tour" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B78X" ModelName="FSPXAI B787-10 Dream Liner GE" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B789" ModelName="FSPXAI B787-9 Dream Liner GE" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B788" ModelName="FSPXAI B787-8 Boeing GE" />


I like making a Generic file for VATSIM. Cuts down on the regional default jets.

Thanks  Mike Brodersen

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