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Parking position inboud to LIRF/FCO

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Hi guys
a special thank you for being a part of this beautiful platform
i worked for years before the pandemic in fiumicino airport / lirf fco
I was in Alitalia I was in charge of unloading and loading luggage
so i went under our dear planes to every fco stand
I dealt with both Alitalia flights and other assisted companies
such as American arlines Emirates, United, Air Europa and many more
I immediately understood that certain parking lots were for certain companies
in vatsim there are many times that landing at lirf with callsign DLH. the atc gives me how to park one of the various stands located in area 200
then from 200 to 239
those parking lots are exclusively for alitalia air france and air europa
also air baltic . and above all not for heavy aircraft.
as well as the 400 stands
from 401 to 422
stand only for alitalia air europa air france
I wanted to point this out to you perhaps by informing the FCO atc of these details
Thank you so much !
see you in flight

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Hello Alessio,

please avoid to write with this format, it cause problem to and it's very hard to read it because it appear too bigger on the screen.

On VATSIM the rules about the gate are similar. But not always the same on real life. What it's really relevant is another thing: if the gate assigned can host the aircraft which is landed. Sometimes some ATC doesn't know real terminals for their airports, but of course can happen that someone assign the correct gate. I'm from Milano and for give you an idea, if I saw someone with callsign EZY or EJU in Malpensa Airport my priority is to give him/her a gate or a stand on Terminal 2, but now with this pandemic, this terminal is closed. So if I would be realistic I will advice always that this terminal is not operative and that must use terminal 1 for the moment

In addition, probably you don't know it, but there is already a short briefing on vatsim italy which talk about which apron must be used in fiumicino.

Saluti da Milano Radar!


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Sometimes things get complicated. ATC on VATSIM as Milano Radar (LIMM_N_CTR) Twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/italianalien21


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Generally gate assigment is by the airline or Terminal/airport operator, not by ATC, as VATSIM doesn't simulate that, gate assignments by ATC is more of a courtesy than a requirement.

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Kirk Christie - VATPAC C3

VATPAC Undercover ATC Agent

Worldflight Perth 737-800 Crew Member


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