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[VACANCY] Web Services Director - Eurocontrol vACC (VATEUD)

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Dear All,

After much hard work, Matan Budimir has resigned from the position of vACC Webservices Director of the Eurocontrol vACC. On behalf of the whole EUC vACC I would like to thank him for his amazing work done within the department!


With this being said, the following vacancy is now open.


Webservices Director - Eurocontrol vACC (part of VATEUD)

Responsible to: Eurocontrol vACC Director

Responsible for: vACC Webservices (Website, Forum & Discord).


  • Overall responsibility for heading up IT infrastructural project design & lead.
  • Reports relevant project updates to the Eurocontrol vACC leadership.
  • Design and implement web applications.
  • Construct and update an IT security policy.

The ideal candidate:

  • Must have extensive knowledge of web building software using PHP, MYSQL and Python.
  • Can program and implement web services approved by the Eurocontrol vACC leadership.
  • Must have the ability to devote the required time to perform IT and development tasks.
  • Must be of good standing within VATSIM
  • Would have previous staff roles or other experience/awareness of technical/web aspects.

Should you be interested in the role, please send a motivational letter alongside your VATSIM-related CV to [email protected]

The closing date for applications is July 11th, 2359z

Division Deputy Director
Network Supervisor
## [email protected]
## [email protected]
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