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Cannot map appropriate button for PTT (Honeycomb)

Ryan Davidson

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I'm having issues mapping the desired button for PTT in vPilot on my Honeycomb Alpha Yoke. It detects several different buttons that are constantly active (from Alt/Bat on/off switches to lights) but never grabs the actual button (the #1 button on the yoke where a normal radio transmit button is located). Any fix possible? Is there a work around like a config line I could manually edit to assign the proper key? 

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4 minutes ago, Ross Carlson said:

If it detects the wrong button, just press the button in the vPilot settings to start scanning again, and it will ignore the first one. You can repeat that as many times as needed.

I tried that and each time it detects a different (wrong) button input.

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5 hours ago, Ross Carlson said:

You just need to keep pressing the "Set a Different PTT Key or Button" button again until it no longer finds any constantly-active button.

It also helps to have the cable between the base and yoke connected... 😲

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Assigning a PTT key with Honeycomb Alfa yoke  and Beta throttle connected causes a problem when you want to assign a keyboard key.

Disconnect both USB cables and yo can use a keyboard key.

This is caused by the type of switches of Honeycomb. Most switches are not pushbuttons, but on/off.

This means the PTT assignment always detects one of those switches being on or off. 

Probably the same happens when assigning a key on the yoke while the throttle is connected.

My suggestion is:

  • Disconnect USB from the throttle.
  • Press button (1 in your case) and keep pressed
  • In vPilot Clear Current PTT
  • Set new PTT and save.





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