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How is vPilot porting models into MSFS

Daniel Soltanmoradi

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Hey guys,


first post here as I am trying to figure out how exactly vPilot determines the aircraft state when using bespoke model port-over from FSX.

I have multiple planes for modelmatching converted from FSX which are essentially all mdl files, and ModelMatching works just fine with them. I really only seem to have one major issue: the lights on the model are lit up quite randomly. The lights in my cfg files are exclusively the generic Asobo light effect files and they do light up. But sometimes, a plane isn't lit up at all which makes it quite hard to fly VFR.


I know this is a pretty general questions, but does anyone know how vPilot determines in which state the planes are when model matched and how - generally - they are shown in the sim - SimObject or Scenery Object?


Thanks for any help,


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