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faa group form callsign question

Mike Teague

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Either “seven thousand one” or “seventy zero one” would be correct. 

Seven thousand and one would satisfy the first portion of the note regarding group form - “series of numbers as the whole number”  


Seventy Zero One would satisfy the second possibility - “pairs of numbers they represent”



  1. Aircraft having an ICAO 3LD and other FAA authorized call sign (U.S. special or local). State the call sign followed by the flight number in group form.


“Group form” is the pronunciation of a series of numbers as the whole number, or pairs of numbers they represent rather than pronouncing each separate digit. The use of group form may, however, be negated by four‐digit identifiers or the placement of zeros in the identifier.


“American Fifty-Two.”
“Delta One Hundred.”
“Eastern Metro One Ten.”
“General Motors Thirty Fifteen.”
“United One Zero One.”
“Delta Zero One Zero.”
“TWA Ten Zero Four.”


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The above pertains to United States



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On 7/4/2021 at 8:49 AM, William Lewis said:

or “seventy zero one” would be correct. 

while it may technically be ok to say that as per the FAA, I would avoid using whole tens apart from ten and twenty (e.g. thirty, forty, seventy, etc.) whenever possible as these can very easily be confused with the -teens (thirteen, fourteen, seventeen, etc.).

Josh Jenk

CZVR I1 controller


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