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New Staff Appointments - VATCAR2, VATCAR4, VATCAR6

EJ Davis

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VATSIM Community,


It is with great excitement that I announce a number of staff changes that have taken place in order to accommodate a sustained growth within the VATSIM Caribbean Division. Please help me welcome the following new staff members:

  • VATSIM Caribbean Deputy Division Director (VATCAR2): Israel Reyes
  • VATSIM Caribbean Operations Coordinator (VATCAR4): Braden Vonderau
  • VATSIM Caribbean Hit Squad Coordinator (VATCAR6): Sean Fox


These individuals have all spent considerable time and effort in our division with other staff roles, and they have proven their commitment to building our division. These new roles will demand more of their time and attention, so please give them your assistance as they utilize their time to assist our community.


Congratulations all!

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Division Director
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