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vERAM maps do not show when selected in ERAM.

Daniel Kormendy

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Hello all,

I am working on a small project with vERAM to set up Nassau FIR files as I use vERAM as a preferred client and it would be nice to have some sort of vERAM files available. I am having an issue with maps not showing when selected I can show you an example of this. For the file, I selected the ZMO Geo-maps because Nassau FIR is based on Miami Oceanic ARTCC in the real world. I created a grouping called "MYNNMAPS" to start and added pictures of airspace diagrams as an object and named it "centermaps". What confuses me is that I did hopefully everything correctly, and I added the "ZMO" ID to the file when I first made the ERAM file and when I type the "MR" command. I get map availability which is "MYNNMAPS" I type "MR MYNNMAPS" however when ERAM accepts this change in the file it doesn't do anything for some reason. I don't have a list on my toolbar called "MYNNMAPS" which was confusing because I just selected it and ERAM approved the list change for the "MYNNMAPS" group. Could someone potentially figure out a reason why the grouping doesn't appear even when accepted? (GIF of ERAM 2)



Daniel Kormendy

San Juan CERAP


eram 1.png

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