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VATSIM Board of Governors Meeting Q2 - 2021 - 17JUL21

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  • Board of Governors


1. Open meeting, roll call, apologies, and proxies (Gunnar Lindahl)

2. Approval of the agenda (Gunnar Lindahl)

3. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting (Gunnar Lindahl)

4. Introduction of new members of the Board of Governors Nicholas Cavacini and Simon Kelsey (Gunnar Lindahl)

5. Ad hoc votes since the last meeting (Tim Barber)

6. Membership Level Report (Don Desfosse)

7. Old Business

  • Update on the future of Ironmic (Tim Barber)
  • Pilot accountability workgroup (Simon Kelsey)
  • Strategic planning update (Tim Barber)
  • Multiple Frequency Top Down / VATSIM AIM (Matt Bartels)
  • Update to Code of Regulation (Nic Felini)
  • ATIS Policy Information (Tim Barber, Matt Bozwood-Davies, Don Desfosse)
  • Preferred names (Don Desfosse and Matt Bozwood-Davies)
  • CONOP for GDPR Requests (Don Desfosse)

8. New Business

  • VATSIM President Election - Discussion (Gunnar Lindahl)
  • VATSIM Forums (Matt Bozwood-Davies)
  • "VATPAX" (Tim Barber)
  • Global Controller Administration Policy (Matt Bartels)
  • External network relations (Matt Bartels)

9. Departmental Updates

  • Operations - Tim Barber
  • Americas Region - Federico Navarro
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa Region - Simon Irvine
  • Asia Pacific Region - Anastasios Stefopoulos
  • Network Infrastructure - Matt Cianfarani
  • Technical Development - Matt Bozwood-Davies
  • Supervisors - Nic Cavacini
  • Conflict Resolution - Nicola Felini
  • Membership - Don Desfosse
  • Virtual Airlines & SOA- Roger Curtiss
  • Pilot Training - Simon Kelsey
  • Marketing and Communications - Matt Bartels

10. Any other business

11. Close of meeting

Tim Barber

VATSIM President

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