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Why are visiting controllers held to a lower standard than transferring controllers?

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I am curious as to why visiting controllers may only be required to be trained on "local administrative procedures," while transferring controllers changing divisions may be subject to a "competency check," which sounds more rigorous. I don't think this should be the case. If a controller came to the US from Europe, there are some fairly significant procedural differences in how to control. "Administrative procedures" doesn't sound like it covers that. 

My main issue is with how little training is even allowed for visiting controllers. I would be very open to someone with more experience working between regions/training people telling me that I am wrong.

Thanks everyone!

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This is a place where we can add some revised wording. The intent is that since Divisions can have varying standards that we need to make sure that an incoming controller from another division is up to scratch before they work airspace in that division. This could be applied to interdivsional visitors as well. The key point is that someone visiting another subdivision within the same division is at the same standard and therefore should be able to work minors with little additional training.

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As somebody who has always controlled in Europe who has recently undergone training to get validated to control in the US, I fully agree with Ralph here. I couldn't have gotten my validation without my instructor helping me out with a few extra sessions to get familiarised with FAA phraseology and procedures.

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I'm going to bring this back up after our recent VATMENA Divisional Meeting which we discussed several parts of the GCAP. We all agreed that visiting controllers should be subjected to a competency check and if necessary provided training. The wording here allows a controller from a division/region with lower training standards to be added as a visitor simply by reading some documents. Will this be corrected/revised in future editions?

In addition, would 7.03 be applicable to visitors as well? Since the Division sets the standards for the Core Comptencies.

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