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Tweaking of GCAP after it comes into effect

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I agree with the above and it’s one of the reasons why I asked. Another member pointed out in one other thread that a lot of the suggestions and discussions that we bring forward often get dismissed, so it makes me think, what is the point of public review if the big “hot” topics (solos, visiting, activity, etc.) will stay as they are, to much dislike for most of our members here? But hey, that’s just speculation so I wait to see what comes out of it.

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The GCAP committee is not consisting of only one person. There are several people behind the scenes that are discussing points from everything that has been discussed on the forums here. Mentioning that every point get's "dismissed" is not the way to go just because someone is debating points being made on the forum. Remember that everyone has their own opinion and that a middle ground needs to be found in order to settle on the final decision on XYZ clause of the new policy. You've seen so far only one person respond to all of the members questions/complains/suggestions from the Board of Governors during this public discussion. Doesn't mean that thing's get "dismissed" from your end that we aren't discussing it behind the scenes. 

I understand that this whole completely new policy is the hot topic right now which will affect different aspects of the network in terms of air traffic controllers training and so forth. But do we really need to say that things are getting dismissed? Just because it is primarily one person responding to multiple hundreds of posts? I think that words can also be easily manipulated when things are written on text. Perhaps potentially a town-hall meeting would be beneficial with this sort of public discussion as it would potentially be easier understood verbally?

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