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Poll for "hot" arguments regarding the GCAP, to see what the overall public really thinks.

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Since the public review came out, we have had a lot of arguing between the BoG (or its representative on this thread), the community team, and so on. In my view, a lot of the restrictions fix problems/issues for a small number of people, but really affects a larger number and in my personal opinion, will do more harm than not.

A lot of the arguments conclude that the regulations will be good for one side, but not so good for the other.

So why not let the public decide on a vote, what they think is better? Because, a lot of the arguing, both here and on Discord, seems to be a majority vs. the minority, where most people see a lot of the GCAP policies as not sustainable and not appropriate for VATSIM. So let the numbers decide, what does the overall VATSIM public think is best? Are these good restrictions, or bad restrictions?

Also, with this I think it is quite important to take the opinions of controllers and specifically mentors and instructors and/or similar controllers with similar experience into a greater account.

If you would like me to, I will be more than happy developing questions and answers for such votes, based on the main arguments of the points that we have been seeing so far from within the public review. 

Or, I can make polls using the forums poll function for each point to see what people like.

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Yes, that would be great. It's a public review for a reason, and so far I've almost always seen "no, no, no, no and another no". What's the point of a review if all suggestions are shot away by the BoG. It already was annoying with the closed review that most suggestions that we as training staff posted (or concerns, for that matter) were never answered or changed.

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There have been a few terminology changes made, so it hasn't been a waste yet.


But yes, I agree there do seem to be some major issues that are causing conflict. I am optimistic that if the community keeps speaking up we can help to shape the end product at least a little bit. Keep pushing. There are excellent points being made.

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