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Have larger VACC's such as Scandinavia been forgotten about?

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VATSIM Scandinavia consists of 5 "regions".

- Norway, Svalbard
- Sweden
- Finland
- Denmark
- Iceland, Faroe islands, Greenland.

This is also how our FIR directors and training department is grouped into.

These 5 regions primarily have their ATC groups, which will say those who was trained in Norway for example, mainly (and often only) controls in Norway. Even though an controller trained in Norway is allowed to staff as ATC in Sweden, they still have to read up on the local procedures and such before controlling, however we are highly suggesting them to apply for familiarisation training.


The new GCAP policy seems to take a vacc as one big group, but this is not always pratical such for example in the following 2 policies:

7.07(a)Any VATSIM Air Traffic Controller who wishes to operate a control position designated as Restricted must complete a familiarization course which shall cover all Restricted Aerodromes and Terminal Facilities within the Division or Sub-Division to earn the endorsement."

- This is simply not possible or pratical for us at all. Why should for example a controller who only controls in Finland be forced to familiarise for an Norwegian position? This should be grouped into FIR or countries.


6.05(j)(i) A Visiting Controller Endorsement allows the endorsed controller to control any Minor Airspace within the Division or Sub-Division to which the endorsement applies.

- This is close to impossible for us to achieve. We can not offer familiarisation for all 5 FIR groups just because we get a visiting controller. We need this policy to change to one FIR only, this is also how we do it Scandinavia today. For example if we get a visiting in Iceland, they are only allowed to be controlling in Iceland.

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Adrian Bjerke
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VATSIM Scandinavia


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  • Board of Governors

And, to add on to Simon's note, no, you have not been forgotten about.  The very valuable differences, albeit edge cases, across the globe, is one of the very real challenges in formulating global policy..... 🙂

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Don Desfosse
Vice President, Operations

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Definitely, that will imply 2 options.

1. Or the policies are reviewed and changed including regional groups (which is what you have I guess), 2. Or you should change yourselves as different vACCs (maybe with a coalition between you) as a cooperative society of societies.


That takes me to a question. Visiting groups for divisions as UK will be denied?

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Juan Amado (S3 VATSPA - 1423499)

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