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Transition periode

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I believe VatEUD was aiming for a six month transition period and that sounds pretty fair. Changes are definitely not done immediately and take time (again, all volunteers).


ACCNL5 (Assistant Training Director) - Dutch VACC

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Posted (edited)

I work professionaly with (Military) Aviation Requirements, and in that environment, changing local policies, systems etc. based on a draft would be unthinkable.

It is asking for - major - trouble, as well as many non-compliancies, because the (sub-) divisions need their time anyway.

Quality takes a lot of work. And time.


Edit: 6 months, as mentioned by Thimo, seems fair. Unless you have to start translating all your documentation from scratch.


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  • Board of Governors

There will be a transition period when the final document becomes policy.  6 months does sound fair, but we’re not even close to that point yet.  We’re still reviewing the initial comments and making tweaks there.

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