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VATSIM Statement on Xbox Compatibility

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VATSIM congratulates our friends at Microsoft and Asobo Studios on their long anticipated release of Microsoft Flight Simulator for the Xbox. However due to many factors, including technology limitations, VATSIM will not be compatible with the Xbox platform for the foreseeable future.

A key part of our inability to support Xbox is the network securities that are built into the Xbox itself.  These protections do not allow Xbox games to listen for TCP connections within a game as a server as well as the incompatibility of SimConnect with the xBox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

VATSIM will continue to support the PC version of Microsoft Flight Simulator and is watching the development and reception of the Xbox version within the general flight simulation community. If bringing support to Xbox users is a positive direction for our network and  becomes technically viable, it is something that we would revisit.

For now, VATSIM is committed to continuing our relationship with Microsoft and Asobo. We look forward to helping them improve the PC platform. We thank all of our members for their continued dedication to VATSIM through their flights, controlling sessions, and support activities.

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