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Regarding the reflection of the vPilot software on the P3DV5 platform that caused the game's video memory to burst and cause the game to crash


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Before August, my P3DV5 platform connected to vPilot is normal and will not burst the video memory. Since August, vPilot connected on the V5 platform will cause the game video memory usage to increase geometrically. I have not encountered this on other Lianfei platforms. The problem is that vPilot is not a big problem when connecting to airports with few people. However, it will cause the game to explode frequently and the video memory will crash when encountering a large number of people in the airport. I have asked several P3DV5 flying friends who said that they have been flying V network activities in the recent period. Frequent bursts of video memory cause the game to crash. I hope that the official website can give feedback on this problem and solve this problem as soon as possible to provide a good joint flight experience for the majority of P3DV5 platform flying friends.

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