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Juan Amado

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Juan Amado

Hello all (especially high charges of VATSIM),

I'm Juan Amado, Events and Members Director from VATSPA. Let me introduce you my story to open this post:

I was reviewing the new GCAP forum discussions, specially "Language Phraseology and Proficiency" and I realised that most of the discussions are commited by the same thing. "What is the path VATSIM is going?", "What about its mission, values and vision?". People don't know what VATSIM wants nor Directors agree themselves many times. They seem to have different visions or objectives for the network.

As staff member I thought, it is a must for me to investigate about it and to go the same way as my "bosses" (e.g. VATSIM BOG, VATEUD BOG, etc.). I decided to ask vACC mates experienced. I came to the point that VATSIM was operating with a standard motto of "as-real-as-it-gets", then "Aviate-Educate-Communicate".

I got this clear until I saw some of my mates were in contradiction with that "realism" and I saw posts here in counter of "as real as it gets".

I entered the website to search for it. This is what I found


but I was told by Néstor that this was outdated. So it might be changed by the time you are reading this.

I found more things in the "about VATSIM" page. There I got surprised with two points:

1. I found nothing about "simulating realism" which is what I thought it was the public image of VATSIM.

2. I found this: "[...]VATSIM is a network for all to enjoy, and it can be whatever you make it. Welcome". - Is that VATSIM, a network on which I can do whatever I want? If so, I didn't grow up here with that in mind.

This led me to think: "I was completely wrong, what I'm trying to reach is something this organisation doesn't want".

Then I went to the Code of Conduct and I found: "[...]VATSIM is to create an environment which is fun and, at the same time, educational and a realistic simulation of procedures followed by pilots and air traffic controllers everyday around the world[...]. Remember, the primary goals of VATSIM are to educate, to provide a realistic simulation of flying and air traffic control[...]".

I came another time in doubt with it. Am I taking the good way or not?

At the end I send a Telegram mesage to my staff (either to Félix our staff director) to ask if there is some internal document about "vision, mission and values of VATSIM" that I was missing but it seems they know the same or less than I.


I'd be greatfull if some of the heads of VATSIM can clarify that fact.

I expect my post is nothing about criticizing but clarifying these questions: What is the path VATSIM is going? What about its mission, values and vision?


Kind regards and expecting a reply,

Juan Amado

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Juan Amado (S3 VATSPA - 1423499)

VATSPA Staff - Events & Members Director

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