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FSX Model Matching- VPilot is Only Detecting One Folder.

Evan Hoyle

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I reinstalled vPilot recently due to another issue I was having. After the reinstall, I noticed that all traffic is the default A321. I've read through both the manual and the FAQ, but I can't seem to find my issue. Before the reinstall, vPilot would use a plethora of models. Some from Traffic360 (yeah, I still have that. No idea why.), and others from my aircraft, like the QualityWings 757, PMDG 747 and POSKY A3XX series.

I checked my model matching settings, and found this:



The only folder scanned is my ACARS folder for my VA. No other folders have been scanned. I'm not sure if anything in that folder is actually viable for traffic, but it looks like there's at least a few models and aircraft.cfg files. 

Any reason why vPilot isn't finding all my other files?


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34 minutes ago, Ross Carlson said:

For FSX, vPilot scans any folders listed in the SimObjectPaths lines in your FSX.cfg file. So that file must only have that one entry. (Or, there are entries that point to non-existent folders.)

Gotcha! Found the issue. For some reason, the copy of my fsx.cfg that I copied from my appdata/local folder didn't have all my lines of simobject folders. I've got it fixed. Thanks!

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