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Israel Reyes

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Overall responsibility for heading up IT infrastructure project design. Reports relevant project updates to the VATCAR executive board. Design and/or implement web applications, discord bots, and other web-based services as needed by the division. Works closely with the VATCAR executive board to construct and update training and security protocols on all platforms. Assist FIR leaders to maintain or develop their websites as needed. Be able to attend monthly staff meetings.


Technical Requirements:

• Have knowledge of web building languages. (HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA, MYSQL, PYTHON, ETC.)

• Be able to provide full WORDPRESS support.

• Be familiar with the CPANEL environment.


General Requirements:

• Be at least 18 years of age at the time of application.

• Be of good standing within the VATSIM network.

• If not already a member, applicants must be willing to transfer to the Caribbean Division upon being appointed.

• Network rating requirements will remain open to all qualified candidates.


How to apply?

Send an email to [email protected]  Please include the following:

• A cover letter explaining why you would be the ideal candidate.

• A resume which details your technical expertise and experience, and your network activity history. This should include but not limited to any staff positions previously held.

• Provide a reference letters. (preferably from your current facility leadership)

Deputy Division Director
## [email protected]
Facebook vatcar.net visit www.vatcar.net
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