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Push-to-talk not working with all keys

Jonathan Pinkerton

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I use a Logitech G935 headset with the express purpose of being able to control wirelessly. It has 3 buttons on the side that I can set to function as any key that I choose, or a macro, or other options.

I have my AfV PTT key set as Right Control, and I have a button on my headset trigger Right Control whenever I press it. This used to work as a PTT button when I was AFK (say, in another room to grab a glass of water or something, I could step away for 30 seconds without announcing such on freq and still be able to respond immediately). Somewhere along the way, this broke. It still works for Discord (our ARTCC uses Discord, we moved away from TS3), but it doesn't seem to work for AfV any more.

I just need a way to be able to key my microphone using my headset. Any help would be appreciated.

Running Windows 10.

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