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Could not load the selected vatSys profile

Matthew Ostergaard

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I have just installed them program and have had a read through the https://virtualairtrafficsystem.com/docs/ and other pages, also have checked on here and no one has seemed to has this issue.

After the first time i ran the program after installing it i get a profile cant load error 

I have attached a screen shot with the error log and the error that comes up on the screen.

I have tried to manually choose the file location and have made sure the program is running in administrator mode.


Profile Error.jpg

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Hi Ostey

As you can see, vatsys is being denied permission to copy the default Navdata to your Documents\vatSys Files folder. 

I believe someone previously reported this issue and it was due to a setting in an antivirus software they had running that prevents all applications from modifying files in your Documents folder. Does that help?


Developer - vatSys


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