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[18th September DEP ATC 11z-13z, ARR ATC 14z-18z] Exports Run - VVTS -> VCBI

Amos Ng

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NOTE: This is a one-way event from VVTS to VCBI.

Join us on 18th September on Export Run, experience the beauty of Vietnam, and fly into the Pearl of Indian ocean Sri Lanka.

Coffee or Tea? Does not matter when you join us on our Export Run from Ho Chi Minh to Colombo! Start your day off in Vietnam with a bowl of Phở, accompanied with a delicious cup of Vietnamese Iced Coffee. End the day off in Sri Lanka with many, many different types of Curries, mixed in with rice, served with a delicious cup of Ceylon Tea!

Route: TRN W16 RG W8 TUNPO W8 PQU R334 KOS R588 PUT L645 BIDAP


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