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MSFS2020 Issue with Flight Plans (Parking)

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Hey guys! I’m quite new to VATSIM and recently started not long ago, and there’s an issue that I’ve been facing using the MSFS2020 simulator in conjunction with vPilot. This is an issue in MSFS2020 that has been reported by quite a number of players but has yet to be resolved, any guidance on how to proceed would be much appreciated.

MSFS has a function where you can load a flight plan from Simbrief/Navigraph or other sources before your flight, and all the fixes + SIDs + STARs will be automatically loaded into the FMC of your aircraft upon your spawn. 

The problem is that this automatic loading of your flight plan will spawn your aircraft on the runway (which, of course isn’t allowed on the VATSIM servers). However, whenever you select to spawn at a parking space (like a ramp etc) before your flight, MSFS will automatically change your flight plan with a randomised list of waypoints. Essentially, you can only fly your original planned route if you spawn on a runway, and choosing a parking spot would erase this original route and a randomised route would be generated by the simulator.

This makes it quite difficult to fly my preplanned routes unless I spawn on the runway directly (which isn’t allowed). I’ve tried spawning on the runway (with my original preplanned route) and taxiing to a ramp before connecting to the server, however this doesn’t seem to solve this issue as MSFS will interpret this action as a takeoff (sort of) and so cold starts and pushback services don’t work as intended (to the best of my knowledge).

Looking for any VATSIM users who use it in conjunction with MSFS2020. Any ideas on how to solve this would be much appreciated. Thanks very much! 

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