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Loading RNAV Approach into FSX GPS

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Hello guys, 

Is there a way to input an RNAV DP / STAR into the normal FSX GPS system? Specifically, load multiple intersections into the unit for an RNAV procedure. The only thing I can get it to do is go direct to a single waypoint.

Of course I can load the RNAV approaches contained within FSX, however those likely have changed over the years. I hope this makes sense, and thank you. 

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you can't put SIDs and STARs into the default FSX GPS. However, using a tool such as simbrief you can download a .pln file that has the SID/STAR built into it. However, there's no way to change that on the fly unless you create and import a new .pln file. I also suggest looking into vasfmc as it will make VATSIM flights with default FSX aircraft far more manageable. And as always, worst-case scenario, you can always ask for vectors 😉



Josh Jenk

CZVR I1 controller


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