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Asking if this Feature would be possible... to save our hearing ability.

Klaus Schmitzer

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I just come from a BB711 stream and he experienced what I also have experienced A LOT on VATSIM --- Ear killing loud pilots that suddenly yell into your headphones, so that you fear that you lost a good chunk of hearing ability!

This is really an issue sometimes and I think alltough it sounds funny it sometimes really make me think that this could be very unhealthy!


My Idea is that you can set an limit for Decibel or - if this is possible - control the volume for each pilot in your range seperatly.

I know, such things take a lot of development time and resources, but I think this would be a very good investment - For the health of our ears.

I also know that we can talk to these pilots, but I would be more talking to them than flying (and I think there would be a lot of beef incoming)

Thank you!

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One of the features I loved in Falcon BMS' internal voice client was an automatic gain control. Tick the AGC box in settings and all the different radio voices would end up at the right volume. Made life a lot more immersive, not having drastic volume differences between voices.

AFV implemented a lot of the things I like about Falcon's IVC, but the AGC is one feature sorely missed.


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