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Robert Edgeler

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Good evening

I got a 1 year badge.... tonight.

I joined on December 2, 2004

As per my membership file, I may not have been over active, but joining date is joining date , that's 17 years...

I contributed a lot in that time, even put a huge fly in a retail store in CHCH attended but hundreds over 3 days promoting the Flight Sim Hobby. With Vatsim live, along with flyers flying in from Australia to excite the public Held on the 24 February 2002. See attached photos.

Just 3 years after the founding date.. still using my original membership number.









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After a recent forum software licensing update, all the badges/etc. are a bit wonky.  I'm not one that needs all the badges, so I'd say just hold your head up high knowing you're a long-term valued member of the community, and ignore the silly badges.

Reminds me of an old movie line...  "Badges?  We don't need no stinkin' badges!"

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Don Desfosse
Vice President, Operations

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