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Zachary Pennebaker

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I currently run a VA and we generate our flightplans using SimBrief within in our crew center. Previously, our Pre-File on VATSIM option worked as it should, with our custom remarks. That doesn't seem to working anymore. Here's the script we use. Has something changed? 

        $info->vatsim_prefile = str_replace('<input type="hidden" name="11" value="RMK/POWERED BY SIMBRIEF">', '<input type="hidden" name="11" value="RMK/POWERED BY SIMBRIEF/VISIT US AT FLYUVA.ORG">', $info->vatsim_prefile);
        echo (string) $info->vatsim_prefile;

Thanks, Zac

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You should only need to include the reference to the URL it provides now.

Rather than editing the whole remarks column manually with a string replace, you can use the API to add your own remarks to the flightplan and the OFP as a whole. 

Use the manualrmk property as detailed in https://forum.navigraph.com/t/the-simbrief-api/5298 

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