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WMR knocks out vPilot controller voice

Christopher Middleton

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vPilot is working absolutely fine when I'm in 2D mode - I can hear and be heard. But when I am in MSFS and switch to VR, and WMR starts up and makes its 'boing' sound, it kills voice output from vPilot. I can transmit and be heard, I can use text, I can hear vPilot alerts, but I can't hear any controllers. If I disconnect and then restart vPilot, all goes back to normal.

If I start WMR before I start MSFS and vPilot, then I can switch to and from VR without problems; it's when it does its startup 'boing' thing that it seems to hit vPilot.

I don't have exclusive use set on my speakers, and vPilot is run in Admin mode.

I'm assuming there would be the same problem with other simulators. 

Any thoughts?

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