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Couldn't find active VATSIM Connection, please connect to Vatsim first....

Jacob Crispo

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23 minutes ago, Andrew Smith said:

It's happening again for me.

Was there ever a solution?

Most of the time it happens (especially if it's happening to multiple people simultaneously), it's due to a server-side process which the tech team calls "the slurper" -- basically it scans across all the FSD servers to "slurp" information on who-all is connected to VATSIM, and "spits" it into the AFV server, something like that.  Occasionally that process gets hung up for reasons known only to that team, and one of them restarts it.  Nothing we need to do except maybe to report it.  There's a channel on the VATSIM Community Discord called "#fsd-servers-reports" where you can let them know.  I can see messages in there from about 20 minutes ago suggesting this exact scenario happened -- should be fine now.



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