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xSquawkbox error message in X-Plane

John McMurdo

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Since I installed xSquawkbox,  I get the following error message each time I load an aircraft...


"You have set your other aircraft setting to only one aircraft. This may prevent TCAS from operating. Please correct the number of aircraft in X-Plane's Aircraft > Aircraft & Situations dialog and restart X-Plane"


However, I see no option in any of the settings in X-Plane that allow one to change the number of aircraft.  TCAS not operating is not a real issue,  but it would be nice to be able to see exactly how far away that little flashing light in the distance is.


On a similar note,  how realiable is simaware? - I sometimes use it when in uncontrolled air space to get a general idea of who's around me, especially before thinking about making a move.

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