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Special Operations Administration Structure

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I just saw the news on the Special Operations Structure and I am a bit surprised by the amount of people/positions in administration.

There are currently 12 VSO organizations registered with VATSIM (Source). Those 12 VSO organizations are apparently managed by a Director of Special Operations, their Deputy, and six Regional Directors, so eight people in total. That seems a bit excessive to me. Especially surprising is the position of Special Operations Regional Director Middle East who, as far as I can tell, has exactly zero VSO organizations to oversee.

So I was wondering if I am missing something here or if this really is a rather large number of Directors per VSO organization.

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Hello Lars,

Your source does not take into account VSOA who are in application process that is not recorded anywhere for reference (as the system was taken offline). the VSOA application process can be lengthy and is not the same as an VA application. The above structure also takes into account expected growth within the organisation over the coming years and having the structure in place to accommodate expansion has been in the teams focus and will continue to be so we can adequately deliver for our Special Operations Organisations.

So in closing yes you are correct regarding the current VSOA's but the organisational structure looks beyond just active VSOA's 🙂


Thankyou for your query though and I hope you got an answer

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Nathan Noble
Director Special Operations
VATSIM Supervisor
[email protected]



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