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Fixed bug that caused NORDO on some Oceanic/HF frequencies

Mathew Sutcliffe

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Any swift users planning to fly in Cross The Pond at the end of this month are highly recommended to grab the latest update, as we have fixed an AFV bug that prevented voice communication on a small number of Oceanic/HF frequencies.

Full patch notes:

  • The previous beta 0.9.5 is no longer supported.
  • The previous alpha 0.9.6 has been promoted to beta and updated to fix the bug described above.
  • There is a new alpha 0.9.7 with the following changes:
    • Fixed the same bug as above.
    • MSFS 2020 supported also in 64bit swift (previously was only 32bit).
    • If a low simulation rate in X-Plane (due to sustained FPS below 20) causes you to be more than 2 miles behind where ATC would expect you to be then swift will disconnect to avoid disrupting other users (with a warning after 1 mile).
    • The connect button simply behaves like any other button now, to avoid surprises.
    • Hotkeys to zoom in and out the radar view.
    • Optional notification sound for all text messages.
    • Configurable text colors in X-Plane.
    • Allow unknown airport ICAO code in flight plan.
    • More permissive validation of flight plan cruise level.
    • Tower view now supports EuroScope SweatBox simulator scenarios. We are delighted to say that in this mode, swift is being used now for training real-world tower controllers in Buenos Aires.
  • Because it is such an important bug fix and there may be some users who really want to stick with the previous beta 0.9.5 for some reason (although we do not recommend it) we also provide a sunset update to fix the oceanic/HF voice bug as a final courtesy to those users.
swift - Developer
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