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Updated Headset Recommendation Please?

Jay Lusk

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Hello all. I'm new to VATSIM, looking for a 2021 headset recommendation with the following in mind:

- for PC/Sim use only
- will route COMMS to headset; sim sounds to desktop speakers, so assume USB?
- Given my desired desktop speaker integration, assume I do NOT want a tight-fit around-the-ear, nor noise cancelling headset? My sim space is otherwise quiet.
- Dual ear, not single
- Clear mic a priority
- $50-200

Much appreciated! ~J.

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Thanks Raul,

Appreciate the link! I had reviewed the Logitech line, including the G series and Pro X.

However, all these appear to have full wraps around the ear, so I was fearing they might not be the best choice for separating sound channels - ie piping sim sounds through to my desktop speakers. Could I still hear my desktop channels while wearing these?


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I use the G430 and until recently I split sounds as you describe -- sim to speakers, comms to headset.  Worked just fine.

The only issue was that for livestream narration, the built-in noise gate would occasionally drop the very first part of my sentence.  But for comms over VATSIM it has always been perfectly adequate.




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