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Less than 24 hours left to join the CTP Slot Lottery!

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Pilots are now allowed to join our slot lottery!

Demand for participation in CTP outweighs the available capacity of the controllers and airspace. As a result, we choose to limit the number of participants using a slot system. We have made some modifications this time to improve the way people are allocated slots and to help people get slots they want.


Only pilots with a slot are able to participate in the event. In order to distribute the slots to pilots we complete the following steps:


  • Pilots register their interest (available 5th - 11th October 1800 UTC)
  • The lottery calculates if you have been awarded a slot and your position in the queue
  • Pilots login after their allocated time and pick a time slot and city pair (being earlier in the lottery gives more chance for the route you want) (available 12th-17th October)
  • After everyone has had some time to select their route, the remaining slots are released to all members (on Monday 18th October)


Several factors affect the outcome of the lottery, the most significant of which is your historical interaction with this event. If you have no-showed during a previous event when you held a booking, you will have slightly less chance of getting a slot now. If you applied but did not get a slot last year, you will have a slightly higher chance of getting a slot now.


In a change from previous events, you will have to return to the website in the week leading up to the event to reconfirm your intention to fly and to provide important information such as your callsign, maximum assignable flight level and so on.


We hope that these changes will ensure as many people can fly for this event as possible and importantly, that as many people with a slot join us for the event.


You may now register to be included in the lottery at ctp.vatsim.net


If you want to keep up to date with CTP, don't forget to select the CTP role in the VATSIM discord to see our channels. (Get it via #role-selection)


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