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Freetext Group and Colors

Daisuke Shimotoku

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Hi all,

I entered FREETEXT in the ese file as follows:



The first two lines means the gate numbers of the airport and the last two lines describes the MVAs.  When I want to assign different color between these two groups, is there any good way to do this?  Any helps will be appreciated.

thanks a lot.


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If you want to define different colours, you need to do it on the "labels" section of the .sct

For example:

"AIC" N040.30.00.000 W014.30.00.000 COLOR_RestrictedArea
"8NM" N039.15.17.000 W011.45.12.000 COLOR_RestrictedArea
"5NM" N039.15.17.000 W010.35.12.000 COLOR_RestrictedArea
Edited by Bernardo Reis
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