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Arrivals List with many aircraft

William Teale

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Using the arrivals list with more aircraft inbound than can be displayed without scrolling is inconvenient or impractical at current due to the behaviour of the window when clicking and dragging. I suggest several possible improvements to mitigate this.

At present, clicking and dragging an aircraft in the arrivals list requires the click and drag be accomplished rapidly. If the click is held down for more than a few seconds, the arrivals list refreshes, and the currently "clicked" aircraft will not move to the new position. This is inconvenient, but when the whole arrivals list can be displayed without scrolling, it can be accomplished in one or two goes. If the arrivals list is too long to display at least the blue bar, the aircraft to be inserted into the sequence must be clicked-and-held, and the scrollwheel scrolled until the blue bar is visible, and the airfraft released below the blue bar. For large numbers of arrivals, this becomes impossible.

Several possible fixes come to mind. Perhaps the easiest is to add an interface option to enqueue an aircraft below the line, say by double clicking the aircraft in the arrivals list. This would avoid the requirement to scroll.

Another option would be to remove the requirement for list changes to happen rapidly. At present, if the arrivals list refreshes while an aircraft is being dragged, that drag becomes invalid. If this was fixed so that a drag in progress still is valid, this would fix the issue - although enqueuing aircraft would still be time consuming for large arrival lists, due to the slow scroll speed of the arrival list.

This was prominent in this mornings FNO event.


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I'm avoiding work on this until I can implement a better server side system. In the meantime, I suggest that the flow controller limit their vis range during busy events to limit the number of aircraft visible in their list and it's also important for them to clean up the list (remove back above the bar) as aircraft arrive. Only one controller (approach or flow) should be interacting with aircraft in the list. Everyone else should just be viewing it

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