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Not hearing any audio and my calls go unanswered

Richard Sauerbrun

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Flying MSFS 2020 with the vPilot client 2.8.1 ... created my plan on SimBrief, and uploaded to VATSIM. Checked audio settings in vPilot and all looks and tests OK. My vPilot is connected and I see CYUL ATIS on 133.7. I have VHF1 on 133.7, and can hear the aircraft sounds, but no ATIS broadcast.


I can also see CUYL tower on 119.9 and TOR_CTR on 125.775, ... I have tuned all these freq in MSFS 2020, but no sound from VATSIM. I am flying the A320nx development version.


Here is the flight plan I have filed to vPilot/VATSIM ...



What am I missing?

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Your comm frequencies are grayed out (not blue), similar to the line in the vPilot documentation (https://vpilot.rosscarlson.dev/Documentation#controllers) that says:


Remember, your avionics must be powered up in order for comms to work. If your avionics are not powered, the TX and RX lights will be grayed out for both COM radios, as shown in the image at right.

So vPilot is not seeing that your avionics are powered.  

I don't fly that aircraft, so am not entirely certain that the avionics are powered properly, though the image you provided suggested they may be.  Suggest you check that first.

If that appears correct, suggest you check vPilot voice operation with other aircraft, particularly default aircraft.

Assuming that this phenomenon only occurs with the A320nx development version, suggest you should report a bug with the FBW development team.

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Operations

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Make sure you have the correct transceiver selected. There should be an audio panel near the COMM radio that has several knobs corresponding to the COMM/NAV radios, as well as the PA, ADF, and so on. On that panel, you should also have a mic selector and you'll need to make sure that's set to whichever radio you're trying to use at the time.

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