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vPilot in VR

Dave Wild

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Yes you can view and even interact with the Vpilot app in VR, at least with the HP G2 and WMR.  Start Mixed Reality, go into the VR home/Cliff House, press the Windows button on one of the controllers, select "Classic Apps", select Vpilot.  When Vpilot window open in your VR headset, click on the "Follow Me" Icon on the top right of the Vpilot window.  This action will cause the Vpilot window to follow you into the aircraft cockpit.

Now, start MSFS2020, select your aircraft and load to your airport of chose.  When the aircraft is loaded go into VR.  Once you are in the cockpit you should be able to see the Vpilot window.  Use one of your controllers to move the Vpilot window where you want it to be in the cockpit, then click on the "Follow Me" icon to fix the Vpilot window to that location.  

Interacting with the Vpilot window can be tricky.  You have to change the focus of the active window using the windows key + Y then you should be able to use one of your controllers to interact with Vpilot.  This doesn't always work at this point.  But, at least you can monitor Vpilot in the VR cockpit.

Hope this helps.......Danny

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Danny Rice

US Army Ret.

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I think SU7 may have screwed that up Danny.

Pre SU7 I could do what you describe although it was somewhat unreliable but now I get the vpilot window but all it shows is a plain blue background and the "loading circle" this is despite vpilot fully running on the desktop.

Would you mind trying this again with SU7 please?

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