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A different controller input a flightplan and it popped up on MY computer?

Ryan Kolling

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So tonight I was logged into MGM_APP and had no traffic so Im just chilling watching some streams and all of a sudden the vSTARS flightplan editor popped up on its own and I could see the information being put in, in real time. I saw the departure was MKJS and the arrival was MKNG so I looked up MKJS and saw MKJS approach was on so I private messaged the controller and asked if they had put the flightplan in and they said yes. So somehow this controller inputting a flightplan popped up on my screen without me doing anything. I wasn't even touching my keyboard or mouse when it happened. It freaked me out a little bit not gonna lie.

I'm using the latest version of vSTARS and the MKJS controller was using Euroscope V3.2. This seems awfully strange that this controller editing flightplans pops up on my computer.

I've attached a screenshot of my client with the flightplan editor open, that again, I did not do.


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