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Why can’t I make my selected radio frequencies “active”

John Forrester

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As a newbie I can’t understand why, when connecting to an airport with controllers, I am unable, on many occasions to make active my selected controller frequency. I would expect to be able to be able to set all the frequencies that are shown to active? Is this not the case?

This happens when using the default Asobo A320 and TBM as well as the FlyByWire A320 addon (all three are current versions) I set the new frequency, transfer to active and it registers for a fraction of a second (and I hear the controller ok) before reverting back to the original frequency.

I note when I am not using Vatsim, the issue does not occur.

What’s going on anyone?

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Hi Ross,
How do I do to turn off the automated copilot in msfs ?
I have been experiencing erratic radio frequencies switches for many weeks now just after take off on every vatsim flight and when reading this topic,  I realized it was after I turned on the autopilot.

I use the FBW A32NX mod in its last stable version.
Thank you in advance.

Jean-michel, France

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Yep, my google search showed a result that indicates you may be searching for something like:

Options -> Assistance->Piloting->Delegate ATC To AI - OFF

I don't use MSFS so am not sure; my suggestion is solely based on my google search 🙂

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Don Desfosse
Vice President, Operations

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