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ES Departure List empty/not working [Resolved]

Resh Bikram Bhattarai

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I'm having some problems with ES VNSM Sector file, where the departure list does not show any aircraft on the ground with a flight plan. I've checked active airports, ground altitude filter, sector ownership, and 'Set Active APT by owned sectors,' but nothing seems to be working. I'd appreciate any assistance in resolving this issue. I've also attached a screenshot for your convenience.

I'm using following Plugins:
-Top-Sky latest Stable version
-vSMR 1.5
-Discord Euroscope

UPDATE: It was Euroscope who was acting weird, I kept 4200 but it always went to 2000, So I have changed from the settings.txt file to 5000 & now its working like a charm.


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Resh Bikram Bhattarai
Deputy Director, Nepal vACC
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