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Why bother folks who are flying VFR

James Mitchell

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9 hours ago, James Mitchell said:

I was trying to set up a new computer

Offline is a fantastic place to test things, not the middle of a class C airspace while on the network.

9 hours ago, James Mitchell said:

you're right I think most ATC are a nuisance, ergo I'll no longer fly here.

I honestly am not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not, but if you’re being serious, I’m sorry to say this but good riddance (mods feel free to delete this part of my message if it’s deemed to be a CoC violation). ATC are here to have fun in the same way you are so if you don’t ever want to interact with ATC or think that we’re always a nuisance, there is really no point to using VATSIM.


edit: that being said, I am always open to explaining things to pilots who don’t understand why a contactme was sent to them or answer any other questions they may have. ATC are also humans and we also make mistakes from time to time so being able to respectfully talk to them and work it out is always going to be the best option as only they really know why they did something.

tl;dr ATC is not an evil overlord trying to make your life miserable but we’re just here to have fun too. Don’t like it, leave.

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Why did a controller out of Edmonton contact me when I was flying VFR?

Adding to previous:
while operating VFR, was the aircraft in airspace requiring clearance or two-way radio communications.

Pilots may consider:
1. Canadian domestic airspace table (class A through G)
For Class B, C, D ... VFR operations permitted with two-way radio communications, and/or additional clearance requirements.
i.e. in controlled airspace,  online ATC might send a contact request to VFR aircraft

2. For airspace (lateral and vertical), refer to information in NAV Canada's Designated Airspace Handbook,  [next issue]
including Edmonton FIR (section 3.2), Transition Areas, Control Area Extensions, Terminal Control Areas, Control Zones

-For information about 'who to contact', VATCAN's Edmonton FIR includes "View Our Airspace" map with ATC enroute position/frequencies.
-VATCAN's pilot-specific forum may also help for questions about VFR, airspace requirements or to learn "why did a controller contact an aircraft when flying VFR?"

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On 11/20/2021 at 11:11 AM, Alistair Thomson said:

I suppose that with 1.5 million members there will be some who can simply not be satisfied, no matter how hard we try.

LOL!  Only a teeny tiny percentage of that is actively flying on a regular basis.  Most of those are "dead" accounts.

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