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Tips for Flight Planning (pilots)

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I'm an American still learning the rules of flight online in the PRC. I do have a Navigraph subscription which covers most of the airports that I have been flying in/out of. However, I was flying to ZUBD today for which there are no charts, and also as I understand there are special routing rules that pilots have to follow?

Do pilots have to fly airways at all times and not direct to waypoints? I think I filed ZPLJ DAL11D CEH LEVBA DCH ZUBD and was told that this route was unauthorized. Is there a place to find preferred/authorized routings?

Thanks for your patience while I continue to learn how to fly in PRC airspace.


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Hey John,

As far as I remember a lot of airspace in VATPRC are restricted airspace. The airways have been designed in such a way that they route around the restricted airspace. So yes, airways have to always be used and direct waypoints aren't usually allowed.

You can head to http://pilot.vatprc.net/ to get routings and charts to use when flying within China.

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Hi John,

ZUBD is an airport not open to foreign airlines. This means that there will be no aeronautical charts open to foreign airlines. ZUBD has published Chinese aeronautical charts to China's domestic airlines, and it is still not open to the public. In VATSIM, ATC cannot refuse you to fly ZUBD. The best way is to let ATC vector you overhead ZUBD and approach by visual. 

DCT can usually only be given by ATC, and pilots can only use aiways in principle. In reality, pilots can only use fixed routes. However, in VATSIM, as long as your route is roughly correct, and there is basically no DCT or problematic route. ATC will usually give you a clearance. If ATC thinks there is a problem with your route, he/she will give you a new route. The easiest way is to follow ATC's instructions. If you fly a certain route frequently, you can save it so that there will be no problems next time.

There is an official route list, but it only includes some routes within mainland China, which can be used as a reference. 航行情报服务中心 (aischina.com)

I hope I can provide you with services in the airspace of VATPRC someday in the future :):)

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Well John ,aischina.com only provide some international routes and a set of regional routes instead of domestic ones plus the eaip on that site is basically inaccessible to most of us simmers, There's a perfect alternative here ,as for routes, you can refer to the four enroute charts in the collection. Link: Yinlei.org

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