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Mode C not working in Vpilot when I click the button.

Michael Michno

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1 hour ago, Michael Michno said:

Also, Is there an easy way to find out the active runway at my destination airport before I connect to the network?


Yep, if there is a tower cab controller online at your destination, they'll likely be broadcasting an ATIS which you can access by using VATSPY. Just as easy is to join the network and you can type ".atis KABC_ATIS", replacing KABC with the ICAO airport code for your destination. If there is no ATIS available at your destination, you can also use the ".metar KABC" command to pull up the METAR for the airfield.

Remember, though, weather is dynamic and winds have a tendency to change, and consequently so does runway configuration, so while it's good to have a preliminary plan when you launch, you're going to have to be flexible when you actually arrive at your destination.

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