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Vpilot in FS2020 in VR

Dave Wild

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I am trying to get the main vPilot window into the VR cockpit following the instructions PiperPilot4949 gave in the MSFS2020 forum.

Basically start WMR then start the app you want to "import" into the cockpit then start FS2020 and at the "fly now" go into VR mode.

Once in VR mode use a controller and press the windows button, then click on All Apps and scroll for the app you want (may have to find it in classic apps.

That will open the app and you can drag it to the cockpit using the "follow me" icon.

Now, I can do all that but all vPilot shows is its window with a blue background and the "loading" symbol then the window vanishes.

Anyone managed to get vPilot into the FS2020 VR cockpit?

BTW This is in FS2020 SU7.

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That is waht I experience. The only way I have got vPilot into the VR cockpit is bt "importing" the whole desktop into the cockpit, not ideal at all.

I'm sure way back (prob pre SU5) I once got it to import, and work, using the Apps method but not any longer.

I don't know if it's an Asobo problem or a vpliot one

What FS2020 needs is something similar to Avitab in Xplane

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