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Canadian Xpress December 2021 Monthly Challenge: National Parks II - Hawaii Volcanoes

Marc Wheeler

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Marc Wheeler

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park encompasses two active volcanoes: Kilauea, one of the world's most active volcanoes, and Mauna Loa, the world's most massive shield volcano. The Park provides scientists with insight into the development of the Hawaiian Islands and access for studies of volcanism. For visitors, the park offers dramatic volcanic landscapes, glimpses of rare flora and fauna, and a view into the traditional Hawaiian culture connected to these landscapes.

The Park was originally established on August 1, 1916, as Hawaii National Park, which was then split into this park and Haleakala National Park. In recognition of its outstanding natural values, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park was designated as an International Biosphere Reserve in 1980 and a World Heritage Site in 1987.

This month, we are contracted to perform a low-level visual survey around Cape Kumukahi on the east coast of the big island of Hawaii.

Your mission is to fly from Kahului (PHOG) to Pahala Airstrip (HI28) with the Canadian Xpress Cessna C172 Skyhawk or Cessna C208B Grand Caravan freeware or payware aircraft.

Join Canadian Xpress today in order to participate as there are some great prizes to be won including any Aerosoft download product from https://www.aerosoft.com/

The December 2021 Monthly Challenge is open to all Canadian Xpress pilots from December 2nd until December 29th, 2021 so join Canadian Xpress today by visiting  https://canadianxpress.ca

*Canadian Xpress accepts 50% of your VATSIM, IVAO or other virtual airline hours with no limits.




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