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Feature Req - Smaller UI and frequency drop in

Krisztian Buss

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thx for the app, its a pretty good program. but for 1080p the window is way to big. is it possible to drop in a mini interface mode?


  • everything is half size - probably the most easy to do..?
  • minimize to a ribbon stuck to the upper edge of the monitor, like WINAMP back in the day. could contain 3 lines of freqs and text, 2 com status lines with mini leds and an ID button. nothing else is needed during flt. 

also for the folks with traditional jets/planes would be nice to insert the freq into com1 with a right click option.

ty :P

ps: some like this



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One of the main design goals that I had while making vPilot was that the pilot shouldn't have to look at the UI regularly. You should only need to interact with the UI when you are connecting/disconnecting, filing a flight plan, or if you get a text message (either as a textual radio transmission or as a private message.) As such, I didn't feel the need to have a small UI, since I didn't think users would want it to be visible at all times.

So my question for you is, why do you keep the vPilot UI visible at all times? (I'm assuming that you do, otherwise a small UI would not be necessary.)

Developer: vPilot, VRC, vSTARS, vERAM, VAT-Spy

Senior Controller, Boston Virtual ARTCC

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On 12/7/2021 at 10:54 PM, Ross Carlson said:


So my question for you is, why do you keep the vPilot UI visible at all times? (I'm assuming that you do, otherwise a small UI would not be necessary.)

yes i got ya. 

  • to see the freqs, a lot of the times its hard to understand especially for non english native speakers like me (i use the realistic voice option) - this is iportant if you wanna dial in 2 or 3 freqs for a deparure at once. lately on big airport days i got through 4-5 freqs till landing. just had to keep the window up
  • to file a plan and edit it. a lot of times if you use a non integrated old school type of navigation like vor to vor or gns530 they will ask to refile, correct or even they send a routing.
  • ident and mode c - altho im determined to make that controllable from the cockpit as its very distracting for the immersion. 
  • maybe its just on my windows but clicking its taskbar icon again wont minimize the app, so I cant do a quickcheck with 2 clicks, i always have to the minimize button on the app itself
  • it would be more elegant if it could be fit somehow inline with the sim menu.

the cons:

you maybe right with your concept, i got much better in a months playing, so its not up that much anymore. but you asked, sorry for the late reply. so its surely not top 3 on the to do list. tho i still maintain when theres freq hopping it needs to be up. 


just asking cant you do like a small xml gauge that would control the C and I buttons from the sim?


ps: of course its a great app and thank you for it. much better than "the other" organizations thats like a big patch on screen you cannot put it anywhere. ppl tried to use these windows resize programs but no workie

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