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Stream Sniping

Dan Giordano

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Can we please get a handle on the controllers continuously stream sniping us? We can be sitting at a gate for 30 minutes prepping a flight with not ATC in sight. Then all of a sudden when we are ready to push back, they connect. The only reason is because we are live on twitch. Please stop the stream and traffic sniping. If you are on when I connect, I have zero problem going through the proper channels for clearance and ect.

Thank You.

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Unless the controller disconnects immeditly after you depart, of wich you have not identifed in your potst. Then the controller is entitled to log in whenever they want, regardless of the phase of flight, or preflight you are going though.

1 hour ago, Dan Giordano said:

The only reason is because we are live on twitch

Lack of evidence, to suggest this is the reason some one is logging into provide ATC. So this is an accusation based off an assumption.


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Kirk Christie - VATPAC C3

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It's pretty disingenuous to refer to it as "stream sniping," too, when a VATSIM controller logs on to provide ATC services, whether or not he targeted the time and location because you were there.  I watched the stream in question, Daniel.  All he did was clear your partner on the exact route he already filed and prepped, before you got annoyed and disconnected without even calling him up.  So it wouldn't have even required any real effort on your part if you had just stayed on, gotten your clearance, and went on about your flight normally.  I hope you never experience true "stream sniping" but I'll tell ya -- this ain't it.

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